Blitzkrieg 3 released!


Dear players,

With your help the development of the main part of the game has come to an end. We are pleased to announce that today, June 2, we are celebrating the long-awaited release of Blitzkrieg 3! And we’ve got you to thank for it!

Many innovations, such as trenches, mobile fortifications and various technologies, were implemented based on your requests. These solutions allowed us to preserve the atmosphere of the original series. More than 90 new units have appeared during the early access stage, and most of them were your ideas.

The team wants to give special thanks to the players who painstakingly studied historical publications and documents. You’ve helped us achieve a very high level of historical authenticity: your recommendations and comments allowed us to correct more than 800 inaccuracies in graphics, characteristics and balance. Without your help, this would be impossible even with the involvement of historical consultants.

Your ideas and desire to have a worthy and, most importantly, fair computer opponent prompted us to create Boris, the world's first neural network artificial intelligence for RTS.

Please note that on 1st of June we’ve reset the progress of all accounts. You can now fully appreciate all the numerous innovations and complete all 3 campaigns while enjoying their full-featured final versions, updated graphics and voice-over.

It is also very important for the players to be on an equal footing at the start of the project. Everyone will start from scratch. The outcome of battles will be determined by tactics rather than an endless reserve of machinery! However, your previous experience will undoubtedly become an advantage.
The game’s development does not stop there, and all your wishes and comments are still very important for the Blitzkrieg 3 team and will be taken into account when developing the game further!

Do not hesitate to use any of the available channels to contact us.

The release of Blitzkrieg 3 is our unite victory, friends!

Blitzkrieg 3 development team