Technical patch №10


Fixed issues:


1. General:

1) Fixed Errorcode_invalidversion error.
2) Fixed Login as Username issue.
3) For some players loading of missions or PvP stuck on 50% sometimes. We got rid of this problem :)
4) Fixed an issue which made the "In Battle!" button work incorrectly sometimes.
5) Multiple sound errors fixed.
6) Lots of work put into the stabilization of the server connection, which should lead to visual improvement of loading times (missions, PvP, even replays), and lags and freezes should be appearing less often.
7) Fixed an issue due to which units were coming in as reserves not in from maximum to minimum level order, but in random one.

2. PvE

1) In "An unexpected encounter" mission the priority of tasks has been changed.
2) Fixed the issue with infantry units lost counter in "Operation Compass".
3) Fixed an error due to which if you've lost in the second part of the "March on Berlin" mission, "Epilogue", you were automatically brought back to the globe.
4) Fixed a bug in "Operation Dragoon" due to which the coastal gun could not shoot where you pointed it to.
5) Fixed an error due to which if you loaded a save made on the second part of the "March on Berlin" mission you could not receive an achievement for completing USSR campaign.

3. PvP

1) Now if you somehow got disconnected from skirmish battle and reconnected to the game, you won't be considered a loser and be able to play further.
2) Fixed an issue due to which all filter set up in Custom game got lost if you clicked on "Update" button.
3) Now, users, which are in a squad, can not fight in different battles at a time.
4) Fixed an issue due to which a player which did not took his place in a Custom game lobby could not join any other lobby later.


1) Now, when fighting versus AI, the side your units will be spawned at will be randomly assigned.
2) Timer was removed at the screen of choosing which units to be taken to battle vs Boris.
3) Characteristics of Sd.Kfz.231. have been changed.